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Addon Assassin Phantom Sin Enforcer CDR Bug Fix


Enforcer CDR bug was figured out / solved by aenav#4800 / Innes.
This bug appeared for us on 9/23 Astromancer patch, and will be fixed by NCKR at an unknown later date

Summary: A separate night reaver ID was added that only appears during enforcer proc, and you could still use non-enforcer night reaver sometimes.

Solution: Remove non-enforcer night reaver so that you can only use the night reaver ID that will give you CDR. (Temporary solution until we get the *actual* fix from NCKR)

Detailed explanation + showcase/proof: <https://pastelink.net/213cm>

.patch Addons:

Normal mode:

Simple mode:

Warning: Do not use without enforcer proc, you will not be able to use night reaver at all. This means if you plan on playing arena, either use a combat mode (simple/normal) without the addon, or don't use the addon.


  • SIN_NORMAL_3RD_Enforcer_CDR_Fix.patch
    549 bytes · Views: 90
  • SIN_SIMPLE_3RD_Enforcer_CDR_Fix.patch
    567 bytes · Views: 85
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