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Destroyer OUTDATED - Earth Des Mighty Cleave & Awakened Mighty Cleave on RMB


Please see https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/de...eave-awakened-galeforce-bound-to-rmb-fix.604/ for the updated addon version of this fix.

Step 1. Download the text file.
Step 2. Start BnS Buddy
Step 3. Go to Dat Editor
Step 4. Decompile xml.dat or xml64.dat depending on client.
Step 5. Choose the skill3_contextscriptdata_destroyer.xml file
Step 6. Crtl + A to select all then delete.
Step 7. Copy and paste what's in the text file into the xml.
Step 8. Click "Save", then "Compile", then "Apply".
Step 9. Start your game through BnS Buddy and now Mighty Cleave and Awakened Mighty Cleave should proc on RMB (just like cleave) rather than F.

Don't worry, this mod doesn't affect simple mode so the Shadow Des Mod can be run at the same time as this one. Also the shadow skills of Galeforce and Awk Galeforce will still proc on F. As I have yet to find a way to fix Earth Destroyer simple mode to a more optimal rotation, consider this a solution for the meantime.

DevilTDriver for bringing me the idea of this mod


  • Earth Des Mighty Cleave and Awk Mighty Cleave on RMB Fix v1.txt
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