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Need some help with weird hair textures when modding


I'm fairly new to hex editing / modding generally. I've managed to mod costumes with no problem.
And i've been reading up on "All about hair modding!"
My issue is when i try to mod a Hat to Yura hair, the textures looks all messed up like this...

I've tried:
040010_GonF (00008977) to GonF_119 (00046784)
040024_GonF (00012822) to GonF_119 (00046784)
Have also tried race converting Hats to the JinF Yura hair, but still same issue appears

Anyone know what my issue is?

Ok so I managed to fix it myself.
Eventho the hair modding guide says you only need the skeleton file and can ignore material file completely, in this case I actually needed the material file for the Yura hair and change its name to the material number of the hat.
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