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Texture My Mod Files. :)



I am going to be sharing my personal modded files :) I made these mods myself cause i got tired of seeing the same old ones over and over. I made them for Jin specifically but other people wanted to see some yun and gon too so i partially made them for those races too!.

Outfits Modded?
-Summer Groove (Jin only)
-Scarlet Shadow (Jin, Yun, Gon)
-Cutting Edge Outfit Set. (Jin, Yun, Gon)
-Mythos Outfit (Jin, Yun, Gon)

Jin Preview:

Gon & Yun Previews:

Other mods?
Modded the Jin ponytail hairstyle to have Yunma Fei's hair. :)

Anyways! i dont know what else to mod since i don't own many outfits.
INSTALLATION; Just drag into NCSOFT/BnS/contents/bns/CookedPC/mod
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Since i don't like unstructured files, here is which file is what mod:


00056887 Mythos
00011379 Scarlet Shadow
00039774 Summer Groove
00014313/5 Yunma Fei Hair <<< will not work because they are just the original yunma fei files.


00056895 Mythos
00023339 Scarlet Shadow


00056899 Mythos
00023342 Scarlet Shadow

All Races:

00063384 Cutting Edge Outfit
00063410 Cutting Edge Hair
00063427 Cutting Edge Mask

the cutting edge mods will also work for female lyns.
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