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Loging to game's server error


>>>>FIXED > Just re-select your region from bns buddy!!!! (Silly me :bnsblep:)<<<<
I got the latest version of BnS buddy (downloaded 3 days ago). The game runs just fine on 64x bit... But its quite unusual but the game kinda runs smooth in 32x version for my laptop so I tried 32x the very first day i downloaded (3 days ago) and it ran quite well through BnSbuddy. But for some reason today every time I tried to log in to the game using BnSbuddy I am getting error that couldnt connect to the game's server, like timed out. Any possible solution? (BnS user since 6months but just registered):bnswink:
- Mods > None!
- AddsOn > Quick salvage // Simple mod lv1 // No loading screen tip


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