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Open latest version of bnsbuddy still doesn't work for me


Bamboo Warrior
On fresh install I got this message.


pressed cancel window popped up. I assigned my file path for launcher and bns. hit up profile button, on drop down and on closing the add account window I get the following

1.png 3.png

end result I am unable to add profile with the current bns buddy, v.79 is still stable however.

unsure what it is causing it. I do not rename bnsbuddy and I've installed the latest version by making a new folder, placing bns buddy updater and running it in the folder to install a fresh installation (to avoid possible errors). unfortunately still unable to run the latest version.

cheers, will stick with .79 in the mean time.


Staff member
The second popups are unrelated to the profiles.
The profile error u got on startup is a one time thing because its not the same as previous versions.

The zlib exceptions are .dat related.
Which requires the proper server selection.
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