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Other Kung Fu Master Vortex Area animation


Good day, gentlemen. Need the help of a respected community, tell me how in the Kung Fu Master code, number 00056568 is called Vortex Area. I spent half a day today, and still could not find it. It's about removing the wind animation, it really pisses me off. I would be grateful for your help.


For 3rd Spec KFM, I found 3 files involved on it.
00064821.upk - Removes aura and additional wolves
00064820.upk - Removes animations of the wolf itself
00060459.upk - Removes the effects of the skills on the human form (don't think it's necessary) I think you also need to disable normal KFM skills for it to work completely

"ncsoft/bns/contents/bns/coockedPC "
(Someone shared it to me, idk who own this but pretty works)
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