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Voice Korean Voicepack/Font - Updated 2018-11-19 (Dreamsong Theater / ET)

Discussion in 'Voice Packs' started by cavok, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. cavok

    cavok Cricket Moderator Member

    Download Here:
    Updated 2018-11-19 for Dreamsong Theater / Den of the Ancients / Hatchery / ET Raid

    If the download does not work, right click the link and open in Incognito/Private Browsing.

    [Installation Instructions]
    1. Open BNS Buddy and tick the Unattended box.
    2. G to BNS Buddy's Mod Manager tab and click Mod Folder, extract the voice pack into this folder.
    3. Reopen BNS Buddy or click Refresh Mods.
    4. Tick the box next to the folder that appears in the list, and press Mod Selected and wait until it's done.
    alternative method: place folder or upk's in C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\CookedPC\mod

    The Korean font is also located in my google drive. It is completely optional and can be applied in the same way.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
  2. War

    War Sand Warrior Member

    Thanks for the guide :bnsthumbsup::bnshmph:
  3. cavok

    cavok Cricket Moderator Member

    Updated for 2018-03-21 patch (Ransacked Treasury)
  4. naaa

    naaa Cricket Member

    I tired to do the font, but the only thing that shows in korean is when you get to select characters,
    I have installed all the existing korean fonts, assuming 3 of them.
    any solutions?
  5. cavok

    cavok Cricket Moderator Member

    It's the font only, not a translation/language patch
  6. naaa

    naaa Cricket Member

    so is it just a font style? not translation?
  7. cavok

    cavok Cricket Moderator Member

    Updated in advance for 2018-05-09 patch (Eternal Night/Nightfall Sanctuary)

    No longer de-duping the voicepack, so as to prevent issues with new content playing a few voice lines in english. This results in a larger file size (4gb, up from 2gb) but means it only needs to be updated when KR gets new content.
    --- Merged ---
    Updated for 2018-06-20

    Nothing new was really added, FaceFX was merged into the soundpack. This just means that facial animations match the voice lines (lip syncing)
  8. DerKen

    DerKen Cricket Member

    What is the KR damage for?
  9. cavok

    cavok Cricket Moderator Member

  10. Elizabeath

    Elizabeath Cricket Member

    Torrent link plz.. Google Drive takes a year and attemp to fail!
  11. DerKen

    DerKen Cricket Member

    Wasn't there an update for this month :thinking:
  12. cavok

    cavok Cricket Moderator Member

    Already has all of the content for next patch (act 9 and shadowmoor), and I only need to update it to add upcoming content.

    The next time a dungeon releases on KR i'll go and update it, since my pack doesn't contain anything past shadowmoor.
  13. z4_cola

    z4_cola Cricket Member

  14. Luminous

    Luminous Cricket Member

    will there be an update for the latest patch?
  15. cavok

    cavok Cricket Moderator Member

    Updated 2018-11-19 for all content up to ET boss 3 (The latest content release on KR as of this post)
  16. Chronolixius

    Chronolixius Cricket Member

    Thank you for updating this :)