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Texture Jinsoyun Costumes

Discussion in 'Texture Mods' started by Dad, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    Back in....whatever month it was Jinsoyun costume was release for all female races for..300$ was it? Whatever. Here's the original files.


    Note: If your costume textures are missing it's nothin I can do about it.

    If you have the KR client and using the mod for NA/EU or w/e region you play on.
    Grab the ShaderCache ALL OF THEM in KR cookedpc and put them in your mod folder. Untill we get the costumes in our region you will need to keep doing this. This also removes this years valentines Day costume textures by the way. Just remove the shaders to make everything normal again.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2018
  2. War

    War Sand Warrior Member

    for 300$ ?!?!? o_o which region sold it for that price ?!
  3. LastCigarette

    LastCigarette Cricket Member

    Could you mod jinF hongmoon to this? I would be forever grateful :v
    KyubeX likes this.
  4. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    Put the nonmodded costume files into NCSOFT\BnS\contents\bns\CookedPC its the folder where all updates

    If it still doesn't work you need to add the jinF costumes into the folder, most times all costumes texture are linked to jinM/F
  5. Skynemis

    Skynemis Cricket Member

    Ah, i just tried it on silver dragon outfit for Lyn Jin and Yun. Yun is the only one that worked completely. I put the files for all of them in the cookedpc just to be sure.
    --- Merged ---
    YAY i did it! I had to use Yun material upk instead of the lyn.
  6. KyubeX

    KyubeX Cricket Member

    I'm getting the same bug on JinF as Skymemis, Any idea?
  7. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    Put all the original files in "contents\bns\CookedPC" folder. If it still doesn't work then i'm pretty sure I know why but I won't bother fixing it since I had december to do it.
  8. KyubeX

    KyubeX Cricket Member

    Yeah i did that, but not working :'(
  9. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    Updated download, they've created male versions.
    --- Merged ---
    Added Male video showcase.
  10. Kay

    Kay Cricket Member

    Can you explain for eu player how to add this? I've tried to put the downloaded files in the mod director (the one that i use for one click tool) but i can't find the model in game. Which is the model replaced? (jin male)
  11. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    These are not modded it's the original files.
  12. Rolnička

    Rolnička Cricket Member

    what it replaces ?? :bnsconfused:
    --- Merged ---
  13. atibum

    atibum Cricket Member

    link die ?