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[Is gunner still a good class?]


So I took a break from the game, and i'm recently coming back to it maybe. However, last class I played was Gunner, and I really enjoyed it. Great DPS in my opinion. I always held my own DPS against whale characters lol. Even though they did better, I wasn't dead last.

So I been thinking of going back to Gunner, or Blade Master. I played BM before, I was able to successfully tank easily all bosses / mini bosses in normal/hard mode up too NS. But I never really was happy with tanking, or wanting to really tank the harder dungeon bosses, and always liked ranged classes.

But my question still stands, on if gunner is still a good class to use, or did they nerf him to the point of me not seeing much improvement, or see worse dmg / dps?

I was a Shadow Gunner, and Fire BM last I played, which was before the Dawn of Lost Content update.



gunner is still just as overpowered as it's always been, Bm will have a buff as well on this weeks skill patch.
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