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How to UE4 Introduction to Texture Modding for BnS UE4 * Updated 12/7/2022*


I have only used Blender in UE3 to preview how textures would align. I would export a model out of UModel and then import it into Blender only to preview textures. I never imported a model back into the game for UE3 or UE4, so I'm afraid I can't help you with this.

It's my hope to eventually learn how to import 3D models into BnS and make a tutorial available for everyone, as I know there are a few people wanting to learn how to do it. It would also be great if anyone got it done before me and I will never understand why people keep resources to themselves when it comes to modding.
I do understand the inconvenience to some people of being bombarded with questions and troubleshooting but I rather they put they don't wish to be bothered and still get some sort of tutorial out there as a starting point.
I done it but I stuck on animation now
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