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Addon Help...,,how to change skill BM simple mode

Discussion in 'BnSBuddy - Addons (XML)' started by Auruha1, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Auruha1

    Auruha1 Cricket Member

    help me to change skill Blade master
    Simple Mode
    need to use skill TAP before Z in simple mode.,,normally stance bm use Z+TAP+RMB need to change TAP+Z+RMB
  2. RoZZa4EveR

    RoZZa4EveR Cricket Modder Member

  3. Auruha1

    Auruha1 Cricket Member

    thk...but i play in awaken patch,what is skill ID 20612 and 20407
    i will adjust to awaken patch..
  4. Exora

    Exora Bamboo Warrior Member