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How to Guide to make a translation


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Step 1. Download BnSTranslationTool, extract then install windowsdesktop-runtime-5.0.7-win-x64 inside of it first if you haven't install .NET 5
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You don't have permission to view content!
BnsTranslationTool include:
+ bnstool by Pilao for unpack and repack.
+ BnSDatTool by Ashlay for translating.
+ NA/ EU's 17th September local64.dat.
Step 1.1. If you want to translate to English.
You need NA/ EU Client's local64.dat , it is included inside the zip but better use newest one.
Replace "X" with current client version by increased it one by one till show error or check with Tonic's Multi-tool, the 17th September local64.dat is version 5.
Extract using 7Zip or change the extension from .rar/ zip to .Izma
Step 1.2. Locate your client's local64.dat.
KR: BNS_LIVE\BNSR\Content\local\NCSOFT\Korean\data\
TW: TWBNSUE4 or BNS_UE4\BNSR\Content\local\NCTaiwan\ChineseT\data\
JP: BNS_JPN_UE4\BNSR\Content\local\NCJapan\Japanese\data\
NA: BnS_UE4\BNSR\Content\local\NCWest\English\data\
China: \BNSR\Content\local\Tencent\ChineseS\data\
Thailand: gamedata\Apps\BnSVN\BNSR\Content\local\Garena\Thai\Data
Vietnam: gamedata\Apps\BnSVN\BNSR\Content\local\Garena\Vietnamese\Data
RU: \BNSR\Content\local\Innova\Russian\data\local64.dat
Step 2. Unpack local64.dat using bnstool.
First set signature to F4AC54D.....
Browse to your local64.dat.
Then extract.
Choose folder to extract to, i suggest create a folder named local64.dat.files in the same place with local64.dat, why? later you will know.
Now do that for both local64.dat, thank you, and of course to seperate place, how dumb could you be to unpack both local64.dat to the same place huh?
Step 3. Make a translation.xml using BnSDatTool.
Open BnSDatTool, head to Translate(Manual) tab.
Then locate local64.dat.
It will automatic set default Output to local64.dat.files folder in the same place with local64.dat which we unpacked before, now click Export, you will get a folder called Translation64 which have Translation64.xml in it.
Do this for both local64.dat!
Remember to export the local from the language you wanna translated to first (i.e: English which is NA's local )
Step 4. Make a translated localfile64.bin with BnSDatTool.
After exported Translation64.xml from both local64.dat, SourceFile you select the Translation64.xml of the language you wish to translated to ( ex: NA's local64.dat's Translation64.xml which is English ), MergeFile you select the Translation64.xml of your client's local64.dat, you also need to make your local.dat and output location are your client's local folder ( e.g: if you want to translate Thai to Eng, your local.dat and output location need to be your Thai's local.dat and output )
then hit Merge.
After Merging done, click Translate, you will get the file called localfile64_new.bin explorer_jMIdEmyNng.png .
Rename it to localfile64.bin then drop and replace it to your client's local64.dat's local64.dat.files folder
ps: y
Step 5. Repack translated local64.dat using bnstool
Browse to the local64.dat.files that you just replaced translated localfile64.bin above then click Create.., how hard could it be?
Step 6. Finally replace the repacked translated local64.dat, remember to backup the original one
Step 6.1. If you want to translate NA client or Kr client
NA client and Kr client use NC Launcher 2 which prevent you start the game if have modified files, use Pilao's nclauncher2_ext aka Gaffeine.Data.XmlSerializers.dll
You don't have permission to view content!
You don't have permission to view content!
Extract and run, it will automatically installs the appropriate Gaffeine.Data.XmlSerializers.dll for your version of NC Launcher 2 or it will prompt you to browse for Gaffeine.Data.dll.
After that restart the launcher.
If have any questions, please ask in here or DM discord LongCyber#2147
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after merge step. during translate do it take a long time?


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after merge step. during translate do it take a long time?
usually take 1-3 minutes, if took more than 5 minutes, you need to redo the merging step, also even with merging, you still need to choose local64.dat location of your client



when i extract the NA local dat it didnt give me local64.dat and localfile64.bin
did i did something wrong coz when i try to export with bnsdat.tool


ya but i dont get local64.dat when i unpack the NA local.dat.
got one when i did the same with thai local.dat


Hi after replacing orig copy with newly repacked copy (local64.dat) on file path of tw (BNS_UE4\BNSR\Content\local\NCTaiwan\ChineseT\data\)

seems to be not working as of today.

note i am trying to translate tw into eng.
Also used multi tool (and an updated PakSig Bypass plugin) (which was recommended in bnsbuddy discord channel)
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