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Addon Disable Breast Physics

Discussion in 'BnSBuddy - Addons (XML)' started by Mr Mane, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Mr Mane

    Mr Mane Cricket Member

    Pretty much self explanatory. I've seen this request sprinkled across the Internet and I wanted this as well. The effects are cool but very distracting especially when they take on a mind of their own. If you like in-game boobs jiggling around all the time, this mod is not for you. If you want to disable it, then this is for you.

    PS - I don't really care about opinions on this, but it is here for those who want it. :bnspeace:


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  2. DrugSenpai

    DrugSenpai Cricket Member

    Probably would increase fps too if using High Quality Physics :p
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