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News Dawn of the Lost Continent: Store Updates

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Sliver Luna

New and revamped items are coming to the Hongmoon Store!

If you’re levelling a new character, or you want to collect weapon appearances and cosmetics to add to your Showroom, the Hongmoon Store may have just what you need!

Arsenal Chest

Available December 6 – December 20 in the Featured Tab

Price: 119 NCoin

From now until December 20 you’ll be able to purchase the Arsenal Chest from the Hongmoon Store for 119 NCoin or Hongmoon Coin, as well as larger discounted stacks. This chest gives weapon collectors who missed out on some previous weapon skins another chance to get them, as well as the ability to get new weapon skins that are debuting with the chest.

Opening this chest will yield a random weapon skin available from the list below:

Arsenal Chest

Peace Maker (New)

Alchemist (New)

Grand Pearl (New)

Doomsday (New)

Firebird (New)




Cleanup Crew

Fruit Loot

In addition, one or two Armory Tokens will be obtained from each chest, and can be exchanged in the Dragon Express for additional weapon skins:

Dragon Express

Headbanger (40 Tokens)

Shock Caller (30 Tokens)

Cherry Bloom (20 Tokens)

Doomsday (20 Tokens)

Junghado’s (20 Tokens)

Samurai (15 Tokens)

Wild Mirage (15 Tokens)

Peace Maker


Grand Pearl



Level 50 Character Creation Voucher Update

Available December 6 in the Services Tab

Price: 4,000 NCoin

The Level 50 Character Creation Voucher will have the starting quest updated from Act 5: Chapter 1 to Act 8: Chapter 1 and provide updated equipment, consumables, and upgrade materials. All players who registered for the free Lost Continent Explorer’s Pack will receive the updated version of the Level 50 Character Creation Voucher.

New Starter Pack and Mastery Bundle

Available December 6 in the Bundles Tab

The Starter Pack and Mastery Bundle will also be receiving an update to their rewards to coincide with the new content arriving with Dawn of the Lost Continent. These bundles can be purchased once per account (although you can still purchase new bundles when we refresh them like this), and are geared toward providing levelling players and characters with a ton of materials and bonuses for an extreme discount.

Starter Pack

Price: 299 NCoin [Limit One Per Account]

  • Hongmoon Pentagonal Diamond
  • Hongmoon Pentagonal Amethyst
  • Black Beret (Head Adornment)
  • 16 Dragon Trade Pouches
  • 7 Days Premium Membership
  • Trailblazer Tool Kits (Stage 1 - 5)
    • 50 Master Field Repair Tools
    • 51 Gold
    • 30 Lucky Dumplings
    • 45 Fortune Potions
    • 30 Hongmoon Unsealing Charms
    • 30 Hongmoon Keys
    • 5 Escape Charms
    • 8 Naryu Coins
    • 15 Retrieved Secret Techniques
    • 30 Bruiser Charms
    • 15 Hongmoon Instant Revival Charms
    • 1 Suspicious Contraband
    • 10 Hongmoon Hot Dragon Soup
    • 20 Dokkaebi Soju
    • 5 Hongmoon Special Firewater
    • 5 Hongmoon Special Tonic
    • 10 Heroic Friendship Charms
    • 5 Excellent Hongmoon XP Charms
    • 10 Rare Elements
    • 50 Lunar Twilight Flowers
Like the Starter Pack, the Mastery Bundle offers a significant value on a wide array of higher-level materials that can help speed up your levelling and weapon upgrades.

Mastery Bundle

Price: 1,599 NCoin [Limit One Per Account]

  • Hongmoon Hexagonal Aquamarine
  • Hongmoon Energy – Stage 8
  • 20 Hongmoon Special Tonic
  • 20 Hongmoon Special Firewater
  • 50 Large Fortune Potions
  • 20 Hongmoon Instant Revival Charms
  • Treasures of the West Upgrade Chest
    • 30 Gold
    • 15 Void Fragments
    • 10 Naryu Tablets
    • 60 Soulstone Crystals
    • 30 Moonstone Crystals
    • 15 Elysian Crystals
    • 3 Taikhan’s Skin
Today’s Specials and Costume Rotations
During the holiday season, be sure to keep an eye out for festive items that will be available for a limited time. These special goodies will make for a great holiday gift for yourself or a friend!

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