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Texture UE4 Bunny Suit Mod

Love muffin

How to use : Go to BNSR/Content/Pak/Mods(create) and put the mod file in

Mod info
Costume: Hongmoon uniform
Accessories: Lycan Sorrow

Ảnh màn hình00105 (2).jpg

Ảnh màn hình00111 (2).jpg

Ảnh màn hình00104 (2).jpg Ảnh màn hình00114 (2).jpg
LynM - - - - LynF

Ảnh màn hình00109 (2).jpg

Color : There are 5 difference color in file mod you can choose one only by cut the folder color you want and move to Mods(created) folder

NOTE : if the mod not work , you can post me file pak 18 of your server and i will update it


  • Bunny Ear.rar
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  • Bunny_GonF.rar
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  • Bunny_JinF.rar
    7 MB · Views: 104
  • Bunny_KunN.rar
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  • Bunny_LynF.rar
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  • Bunny_LynM.rar
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