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Bns crashing (fps drop)

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So i had this strange problem multiple times now, when playing bns sometimes when i load into battleground, dungeon, walk trough portal... my pc starts getting this extreme fps drops like 3 fps (basilly freezes for 10 sec) work normally for 3 sec and frezzes for 10 sec again... until game crashes. After that if i try to restart the game it won't load and my pc will eventually restart itself and say your pc has encountered a problem )blue windows screen before restart).

So the only way i can "fix"the problem is by restarting pc, after restart it works normally again until this crash happens again, this crash is pretty random it happened 4-5 times today when i was playing a lot of bns.

I checked the event viewer for more info and this is what i was able to find out (pictures) so i think the problem might be with the games permission or something like that, but i don't think it's as simple as running game in administrator mode, because i've done that and i've done a couple more things. aside from that i'm not sure what could be cousing those extreme fps drops/crash.

another thing might be my old headphones which have a rly bad usb contant and are basilly dying 20% of the time but i don't think hardwere problem is cousing this.

If anyone has any idea pls help me :/

Laptop predator Helios 300
intel i7-7700 2,8gz
1060 gtx
16 ram
win 10-64 bit
using bns buddy


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Then can you name every single thing you've tried?

Possibly with links, if you still have them?
Just to double-check.


i tried all the things in this link https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/common-errors-and-possible-fixes.39/,
i've tried fixes in this link https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/basic-h-t-you-should-know-by-now.755/ that dont have anything to do with mods, because i don't use mos in bnsbuddy
i've set a costum nvidia profile for bns only (),
i've set bns.exe-properties to read only and run as admin,
i've checked that batterly settings are on max permormance,
i've set graphics gpu to nvidia and set it to high- performance when playing bns,
using all cores, fix loading screen, clean trash map in bns buddy,

this is all i can think of atm


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You have 2 mutually-exclusing solutions right there.
You can't apply both videos at the same time, since they do different things.
Similar, but different.

I suggest you to check the extras tab, and confirm that the FTH is disabled with 0 entries.
If you disable it, reboot.

Also, according to this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/a45jiz/6v6_crashes_on_eu_potential_causes_tricks_to/
It may also be the shiny premium effects when running.
Try airix's mod to disable them.

As an additional note, check the pinned messages in the BnSBuddy discord server, in the #support channel.


will try that, thanks

about the videos i only used the one i linked seperatly (quick tips- upated NVIDIA...)


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@maticolin the bns profile fix you tried isn't the good one.

So you tried FTH? Clear entries, turn off fth then reboot?

If you did all of the rest. these 2 should be why it's bad.
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I'm assuming you fixed your issue. Locked and marked as Solved
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