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Other Blade & Soul Extracted Soundtrack & In game sounds


So, me being a fan of B&S since the early days 9 or 10 years ago when my stupid self got invited to a alpha test and dying on the lyn characters I was playing left and right (so much death, that's pretty much the only thing I remember out the data test.)
and thanks to uhhh whats...hisface...for upk manager ( can never remember any ones name these days...)
I one day decided to dig around the games files for its music. Well actually to be honest I was just looking for its amazing game environment sounds to play on my iTunes....I like that stuff don't laugh.

I've found pretty much all the music tracks as of last year. (and game ambiance for ME)
Talking about Town themes, bosses, dungeons, Login Theme, character creation themes, all that nonsense. If you want it well there's the link

Blade & Soul OST And Sounds

Uhhh big download I forgot what's actually in all there besides the ambiance/music.
I think I've also found some character voices, can't remember.
Everything's in OGG format soooo.....yeah......good luck with that (cause I sure as hell not converting all that mess...)

Updated the link, remember these are from 2015 and under, anything new I won't have.
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