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Any English speaking clan on KR?

Discussion in 'Other Clans' started by Hime, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Hime

    Hime Cricket Modder Donator Member


    I'm finally able to play Korean version, are there any clans that speak english there? owo ♥
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  2. Volmie

    Volmie Tall potato Staff Member Administrator Moderator Donator Member

    If you want to play on KR, you're going to need to learn at least the basics of the language. You should be able to communicate roles and greetings at the very least. There are Korean players that speak English (obviously), however the burden rests on you as you are the "guest" on their server.
  3. Amber A Williams

    Amber A Williams Cricket Member

    Hello ive personally made a discord and a clan on kr sever for english speakers to go on and have fun with if you care to join us this is my discord https://discord.gg/UMft8y

    and our clan is called English clan