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Other [AHK] UE4 Auto release Automatic bait


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Yes yes i know i know that Tonic's Multi-tool have "All fishing bait auto" in QoL that convert all fishing baits to automatic bait worryback.png
But, do you ever get anoyed of catching fish animation? worrymad.png Took too long time to look at the fish that bigger than your d*ck instead of just release the next bait worrywheelchair.png
Here is the solution, the script, that work for UE4, in background worryheehee.png

You don't have permission to view content!
You don't have permission to view content!
- Download and Install AutoHotKey
- Setting up the Multi-tool
If you don't use Multi-tool, use it worryslave.png
- If you don't use the Multi-tool, you still need loader3 from Pilao in order to load multitool_qol.dll, get it from
here ( please read the READ ME )
key: yqrhQHjpCPydMSda96ZXSA
- Setting up the script
Run the script as Administrator
Click into the game window and press F1
Click double arrow to set window ID, set shortcut, tick Enable then press F2 and open another game to play if you have enough RAM 884708243379732530.gif
Can't chat while fishing, just press F2 to stop to chat
Made by
Rootan 朱小逢#8888
Translated to English by me even tho it is easy enough to use even in ChineseT FB_IMG_1624537610246.jpg
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The version you using is 20211018
but the download version is 20210120 its old version


use as well as, mình làm theo tất cả vào phần load game, đăng nhập tài khoản gì vậy, sv vn
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