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Buddy About update delays to BnS Buddy

Discussion in 'BnS Buddy News' started by Endless, Feb 27, 2018.

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  1. Endless

    Endless Founder Staff Member Administrator

    Hi everyone!
    I come here with "a big"
    For all the delay there has been on the upcoming update.

    I have been a lil busy, going to see my dad sometimes to chill.
    Trying to play BnS to get further in the game and get better gear.
    Had more(no progress on bns buddy) or less(little progress) sleeping time
    I had atleast 1-2 hours per week of progression towards bns buddy
    in 3 months.
    AND finally the amount of changes made to BnS Buddy itself(the huge changelog below)

    Here's a quick recap of what has been currently done:
    Change Log:
    + Added: Timer to say if connection is being slow during login [done]
    + Added: Custom exe name for Client [done]
    + Added: User count online [done]
    + Added: Color dropdown for BnS Buddy's design [done]
    + Added: Portuguese support [done]
    + Added: Sorting to addons [done]
    + Added: Sorting to Splashes [done]
    + Added: Remember last used server [todo]
    + Added: Preview Button in Splash Changer [done]
    + Added: Context Menu to BnS Buddy Notification Icon When Minimized [done]
    + Reworked: Ping method for na/eu [done]
    + Reworked: Mod manager now moves mods to subfolders for better organisation [done]
    + Reworked: Multiple Game Installation Resetting [done]
    + Reworked: Changing Server would load different installed paths [done]
    + Reworked: Changed addons location [done]
    + Reworked: Repositioned the Bitness selection for the game Client & Changed the Default Path configuration [done]
    + Reworked: Bitness selection for addons is automatically selected along with the bitness selected of the current client [done]
    + Fixed Bug: Matching prefix for emails before @ would create duplicate entries of the same name [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Sometimes pressing tooltip on xml edit tab would not work [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Did not allow login after maintenance is over on same session [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Would not load korean paths [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Custom mod path would not have backup path following [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Creating random /mod folders on root drive [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Restore button in settings didn't do anything [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Maximize/Minimize button went batshit crazy and didn't follow his orders when resizing form [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Remember Me did not toggle unless you signed in on login form [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Emails starting with the same name will be overwritten on registry [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Cleaning Mess when exiting, starting game and opening BnS Buddy would not clean [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Removed the excessive flickering when BnS Buddy Refreshed the Mod Manager list [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Fixed tooltips still appear after pressing compile/decompile [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Disabled the compile/decompile when game is running which resulted in a permanent freeze [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Pressing Compile button on dat editor when not decompiled would crash/freeze BnS Buddy [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Applying a mod in mod manager while folder is empty and none other selected would freeze BnS Buddy [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Splash Preview within BnS Buddy wasn't respecting image ratio [fixed]
    + Fixed Bug: Buddy would not be killed if closed via taskbar [fixed] [fixed]

    Hopefully i'll get this update done by 10th March or before! <3
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