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❤ Sakura ❤


Stratus Warrior
A lot of stuff changed since the revamps.

We are casual players in Cerulean order

There are 2 paths you can take but eventually both will lead you down the same road.
- Path of the PVE (Tamma)

- Path of the PVP (Catherine)


- Crafting I.E Transformation Stones or Weapon Skins selling them for high gold (craft Revamps as of last year are now ridiculously bad in my opinion)

- Buying Costumes using the Currency Shop (Selling gold for Hongmoon coins)

- Obtaining god knows what from NCs Events (mostly gems or prizes in gift boxes)

- Completing Raids/Dailys for your 10-1,000 (RNG) gold box


- Learning PVP (Seriously PVE players refuse to PVP, mostly in Arena, they will never understand their own skills nor anyone else's when it comes to PVP or dungeons/raids in general. I can't tell you the amount of noobs around here in pve trying to defeat me (when i'm just minding my own...) and fail because they lack the knowledge of their own and other skills)

- Ranking to the top (become the best, get a awesome costume)

- Trading in Zen Beans for Soul Stones (Depending on how high your rank is the more amount you can buy I.E 40-50)

- Selling Soul Stone for High gold (or giving to help clan upgrades)


Some of you may not know me maybe some of you do who knows. People Call me Mushi or AppleBerryKitty from my Youtube channel. I am a busy person every, day (making videos mostly) but I still would like to have my clan up and running.

I'm a PVP player I give 0 CENTS, what, so, ever, about PVE content and you can blame our toxic try harded baby ragein community for that.

As stated this is a casual clan, if you love Fashion, Costumes, Shiny new Weapon skins, and whatever else Kawaii this place is for you.

PVP? Love arena? 1v1 Sparring? Selling Soul Stones from pvping just for costumes and weapon skins lol (like me)

- Mains characters Only alright? The only reason I have a ton of my chars in my clan is because I actually use them all 70% of the days of me pvping, faction quest for tokens or clan crafting.

- Have Manners, the clan name's Sakura after all, I want my Peace around here and I will have it.
- Stay active as possible. If you do go inactive at least let me know, mail me if you gotta! If you don't you'll most likely be kicked.
- Give a little to get, if you're new to B&S you may not know this but some things you'll need to give up for clan upgrading, could be Gold, Soul Stones, Tokens anything.
- Respect others always! This here is my 1 important rule, why? Because as I've stated before our whole community is on a whole new level of stupid, mostly in raids/faction pvp.

For me it's faction pvp. Whenever i'm minding my own and people try taking me on I've always gave out more than 3,4,5.. warnings to back off. If they wanna be tuff guys/girls, sure go on and knock them out to the next afterlife. What i'm sayin is, becoming the scum that this community is won't get you far in my clan. So respect people even if you don't like them!
- Try being social at times, the more silent the guild is the more people will likely leave......also in pve being silent is pretty much what this community is and I don't like it. Silence leads to toxic.
- Give Faction Tokens so we can level the clan, make clan costumes, and discounts on upgrading.
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