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❤ Sakura ❤ Clan of Lyns


Super Casual clan in Both Cerulean Order & Crimson Legion

Second Clan is "Sakuras"
With UE 4 Here I've been trying to reopen my clan but first I need to level the second one up a bit.
My first clan is level 14 so pretty much 99% of everything is unlocked thanks to all the people I've meet them past years (miss you all)
Second clan is level 6, had this clan for a few years leveling it due to having so many accounts and alts in this game.
- Mains characters only.
- Have Manners, don't care how perverted you are just have manners and be chill for my sake and others. You don't want people mistreating you so do the same. Also don't be like the NA/EU community with that one track mind (Go raiding with randoms, you'll see what I mean)
I'm a pvper, tho I rarely pvp or pve anymore because the game went down hill after 45 cap with legendary weapons NO ONE wanted when people cried out in the very first stream our region did , and unbalanced unfair play skills in pvp.....to which is still broken to this day. I'm pretty much done with the game you can say, but i'm still around due to my characters and other things. If people need help with anything i'll try my best helping them.

Also for people who join I "empty" maps people can explore, take photos or whatever you need doing. I.E
Screenshot_210818_004.jpg Screenshot_210818_005.jpg

Being a long time player you learn a few things over the years. Whenever people want to explore empty versions of maps (depends) for photos or to idle, whatever. I'll set up warps for everyone to go in and hangout. I have many places people can explore but note 90% is 45 content since i'm not into 50 and over nonsense nc created.
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