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  1. Hime

    Open Custom Hair Colors

    Hi! Might be getting back into BnS again, after being away for like.. idk.. 1.5 months? I remember seeing a picture of KunN_117 hairstyle in like.. custom colors? Hair was black and had like this ombre moment, with pink ends for example. I think I saw the picture on vk.com, but I'm not looking...
  2. Request Texture No grey-screen on death

    Is it possible to get a mod/XML-edit/Addon that removes the fade-to-grey feature that happens on death? That'd be pretty cool. (If this already exists, I'd love if you could point me to it as I haven't seen it in my searching/scouring, but there's definitely a chance I wasn't scrupulous enough.)
  3. Heldegas

    Custom UI color themes

    Hey lads, Just stumbled upon some neat stuff while checking the XMLs. This allows us to change the color themes BNS gives us in OPTIONS => GRAPHICS => THEME SETTINGS, which for the most part are, in my opinion, either bland or not my taste. This below was a random test to see if and how it...
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