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  1. Blade & Soul - Best possible B&S Items?

    Thanks for the quick reply. Am playing Assasin and am pretty open about the skills build, whatever you reccomend really :D
  2. Blade & Soul - Best possible B&S Items?

    Hi, I've been playing Blade & Soul since 2 months now (I know am a rookie, thx xD) and I've been meaning to focus my grind to get the best possible Blade & Soul Items at the end of the day. Am a new player so, am not even sure whether the grind is worth it, but if it is then let me know where...
  3. cant pick region in exitlag with new account?

    Have the same issue! It might important to let you know that I bought my BNS account from other player, but it was a verified trade! We made the deal at https://mmoauctions.com/blade-soul/accounts and the account comes from EU, while I myself am based in US. I contacted the seller, but he stated...
  4. Hello there from LL! :D

    What up Matt?! Remeber me? D Just trolling! Glad to be here, and glad to be able to play BNS since 2014! Love the game!
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