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  1. Endless

    Open buddy for patch 21.05.21

    Sorry for late reply, I don't keep the older versions of bns buddy on my pc. Can't help :c
  2. Endless

    Open buddy for patch 21.05.21

    You'd need to find an older version of bnsbuddy v5.
  3. Endless

    Request Texture UE4 convert .dat file to .xml file

    There's tools for that already. https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/bns-ue4-modtool.2651/
  4. Endless

    Solved Is BNSBuddy support garena TH server login?

    Bnsbuddy indirectly supports th. but not officially, no guarantee it'll work.
  5. Endless

    Solved BNSBuddy Dat File Not Support

    Dat editing still works as of today :) Marked as solved
  6. Endless

    Open UI Error

    Whelp, wasn't able to reproduce this problem with anyone on multiple systems and with multiple languages. If it resurfaces, I'll have another look and see what's wrong with MaterialSKin. As it's not my own and is a framework I'm using for bnsbuddy that is causing issues.
  7. Endless

    Solved Install error

    Assuming you got it to work, marking as solved.
  8. Endless

    Solved Client error 1002

    sigbypasser addon doesn't work. What you need is paksigbypasser.
  9. Endless

    Tool BnSDatTool

    bnsbuddy can
  10. Endless

    Solved Install error

    Remember to disable the windows defender if it's blocking it.
  11. Endless

    Solved Banned from discord

    Sorry for late reply! I've unbanned you. But should your acc get hacked/hijacked again, we won't unban it next time. we have a very strict policy against spammers :/
  12. Endless

    Solved Banned from discord

    What's the discord id?
  13. Endless

    Solved Banned

    No idea how that would happen unless they removed an obtainable item but didn't remove them from the quest line? Makes no sense at all. And you're the first one to get banned as far as I know for *that* reason. And dw about bns buddy, it's not the cause of your ban.
  14. Endless

    Open Need help with unofficial server xml.dat

    no, the header is corrupted.
  15. Endless

    Open Need help with unofficial server xml.dat

    was the dat file previously modded/tampered with? Tools can't seem to read compression of the dat.
  16. Endless

    Open Need help with unofficial server xml.dat

    Have you tried my dat tool?
  17. Endless

    Tool BnSDatTool

  18. Endless

    Tool BnSDatTool

    this tool is for ue3. There's a category for ue4.
  19. Endless

    Open UE4 Does bns buddy work with JP server

    Server list is trimmed to what's detected on your system Japan server is supported
  20. Endless

    How to Make Your Character Dummy Thick

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