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  1. Endless

    Solved Banned from discord

    Sorry for late reply! I've unbanned you. But should your acc get hacked/hijacked again, we won't unban it next time. we have a very strict policy against spammers :/
  2. Endless

    Solved Banned from discord

    What's the discord id?
  3. Endless

    Solved Banned

    No idea how that would happen unless they removed an obtainable item but didn't remove them from the quest line? Makes no sense at all. And you're the first one to get banned as far as I know for *that* reason. And dw about bns buddy, it's not the cause of your ban.
  4. Endless

    Open Need help with unofficial server xml.dat

    no, the header is corrupted.
  5. Endless

    Open Need help with unofficial server xml.dat

    was the dat file previously modded/tampered with? Tools can't seem to read compression of the dat.
  6. Endless

    Open Need help with unofficial server xml.dat

    Have you tried my dat tool?
  7. Endless

    Tool BnSDatTool

  8. Endless

    Tool BnSDatTool

    this tool is for ue3. There's a category for ue4.
  9. Endless

    Open UE4 Does bns buddy work with JP server

    Server list is trimmed to what's detected on your system Japan server is supported
  10. Endless

    How to Make Your Character Dummy Thick

  11. Endless

    Open BnS Buddy Unpack datafile64.bin with error: Object reference not set to instance object

    It's fixed on the beta for next update. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/340557572576903192/1020803415787438130/Debug.rar
  12. Endless

    Texture UE4 Convert ue3 mods to ue4 ?

    Theres already a thread for converted ue3 mods to ue4. Easy to find using the search function
  13. Endless

    Open KR-TEST Server No game installation were found!

    You need the game client for bnsbuddy to function for BNS_TEST. If the game files are missing, it will not work.
  14. Endless

    Open KR-TEST Server No game installation were found!

    make sure the registry value set by nclauncher is correct. And if you run multiple nclauncher at the same time it may cause issues and registry value will differ because of that
  15. Endless

    Open UI Error

    It's set to use english by default As it's hardcoded text. It's not that I don't care, I barely have time to do anything irl rn during summer time here in canada due to my job. It's not German, it's gibberish because the system is not being able to handle the characters somehow. What's your...
  16. Endless

    What i'm missing ?

    the issue is the anti cheat restarting the game process under a different ID. Just need to turn off game catcher and you're good to go. OR install the bnsnogg plugin.
  17. Endless

    Solved Issue Starting the game via BnSBuddy

    glad you figured it out !
  18. Endless

    Open update error

    keep deleting the $patch$ folder until it's done completey when that error occurs.
  19. Endless

    How to [UE4] Simple Guide on How to Swap Outfits

    Sadly no guide from me, but there could be one out there on youtube https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270048110871445504/955122309067329546/OutfitSwapper_2022.03.20.zip here's the updated tool.
  20. Endless

    Theres an active link on the forum. Very easy to find/see

    Theres an active link on the forum. Very easy to find/see
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