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  1. HELP emotes for BNS TW

    hi guys. I cant seem to use ----> /honor. does anyone have Chinese for that command please?
  2. Solved Need help translating Chinese Weapon Box

    which one is closer to the word STOIC soul badge? I tried using google lens but didnt help at all. T.T
  3. need help. anyone have link to NA local64?

    thank you :D <3
  4. need help. anyone have link to NA local64?

    Hi guys. im trying to translate Bns Tw. Anyone got links to NA local64.dat? it take a really long time to download the entire NA game :'(
  5. Solved Skill remap/disable/remove website make own .xml

    thanks a lot man :) yeah sad. ill have to wait for them.
  6. Solved Skill remap/disable/remove website make own .xml

    Hi guys can anyone provide a link for remapping skills/removing/ editing simple mode? I had it before but I had to reformat my pc and lost the bookmark. Pretty please? It was a website where I could switch skills in different hotkeys both for simple mode and normal mode. Wanted to make my own...
  7. BNS TW English Speaking Players

    Do you have working English patch please? i tried what they mentioned above but i got invalid :'(
  8. BNS TW English Speaking Players

    Good day is there a discord for English players in BNS TW? What server has most english players?
  9. BNS TW English Speaking Players

    is there a working english patch? OMG it has been years since i last played >.<
  10. Tool BnSDatTool

    where did you get the datafile/64.bin? do i get it from the TH folder or the NA folder?
  11. Tool BnSDatTool

    thank you. helped a lot. Now my problem is the datafile.bin/datafile64.bin. do i translate that as well? or do i just get it from NA? Im trying to paste it in the same folder as the localfile.bin/localfile64.bin in plugins folder.
  12. Tool BnSDatTool

    when I unpack BnS TH local64.dat, doesnt have translation.xml. What to do please?
  13. Tool BnSDatTool

    Hello guys, just wanted to share what i did to translate BNS TW. I dont know if it will work with JP or TH. 1st of all thank you @ashlay for this tool and updating it as well. 1.) Unpack NA local64.dat using BnSDatTool 2.) Unpack TW local64.dat using DatEditor. Dont forget to change the keys...
  14. Request Font Help translate BNS TW please :(

    Can anyone help me translate bns TW please. Cant seem to do it using BnsDatTool
  15. Tool BnSDatTool

    Guys just found it --->
  16. Tool BnSDatTool

    Hello do you happen to have link for this -->To use it on clients wit V3 data you will need binloader.dll(you can find it and a guide to use on Mod Police discod). I looked for it in their discord server but could't find it there. Sorry.
  17. Tool BnSDatTool

    Hello Ashlay, where to get v3 to unpack? I downloaded the one in the first page again and still cant unpack local64.dat.
  18. Solved Unpack current NA local64.dat with BnSDatTool help

    Is there an update if we are able to unpack the current NA local64.dat using BnSDatTool? I'm currently following the steps of @Jerwin in the BnSDatTool thread; https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/bnsdattool.223/page-4 I'm still getting a blank reply from log.
  19. Tool BnSDatTool

    Good day, is there an update regarding the unpacking of the local64.dat?
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