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  1. ihadurka_walpurgis

    Open CopyPasteTool from CLipBoard

    I saw somewhere on this forum that someone has made a mini useful tool that copies anything outside the game and paste it in the game. any ideas? as we know, by default, the game only have inside clipboard you can only copy paste from within and if you teleport or pass by a portal, clipboard...
  2. ihadurka_walpurgis

    Open Can not download these

    Hello, All in the title. pressing install once selected, a download file appears in the root folder of bns buddy "looking like it's downloading" then disapears and it doesn't appear in "installed" nor in a seprate folder to move manually. Bugged? https://prnt.sc/1d42gak
  3. ihadurka_walpurgis

    Request Addon Better Simple mode

    Currently playing with wingrise badge and not paragon. can anyone make an addon for Fire FM that looks like this (Or tell me how to do it, i have been trying to change priority of the skills as in removing and putting Inferno layers above dual dragon and blazing wall but it doesn't seem to work...
  4. ihadurka_walpurgis

    Request Addon What XML commands that adds lines above or under specific layer content without having to remove the original

    the current xml format in bns buddy only replaces line by line. what about adding lines with specific conditions? i would like to know the command that remove X number of lines or all the xml content at once and replace it with another. or adding new layer above or under a specific layer without...
  5. ihadurka_walpurgis

    VK or D3D12

    Hello, Has anyone used both and checked the difference? both of them put a heavy load to the VRAM at 1080p is what i noticed. But any performance change? tell me feedback guys. Best Regards :bnspeace:
  6. ihadurka_walpurgis

    Addon Forcemaster Request : Fire FM Simple mode fix

    Hello guys, until i acquire paragon badge, i'm inclined to use the oldest badge : ancestral. as you know how this badge works reducing the cd of inferno after casting blazing wall . or Dual Dragons However i use simple mode, and it doesn't work properly, sometimes it wastes blazing wall before...
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