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  1. Tool UE4 BNS UE4 ModTool

    There is no problem with unpacking and repacking. KR,RU server already added the authentication of the sig file a few weeks ago, so the mod was not available. If you find a key value to create a sig file, i will update it.
  2. Tool UE4 BNS UE4 ModTool

    I took screenshots of all costume files with item names on the UE3 client. You have to look for the newly created costumes on the UE4 client one by one.
  3. Addon Is there an addon for automatically and fluidly skipping cutscene? (No ESC press)

    in the "ClientConfiguration.xml" file No option "<option name='showcinematicAutoSkip' value='y'/>"? In kr server, automatic skip of video is supported by using that option.
  4. Tool UE4 BNS UE4 ModTool

    Try deleting "(21.11.15)" from the folder name where "BNS_UE4_ModTool" is installed.
  5. Tool UE4 BNS UE4 ModTool

    Which file did you choose? Certain files need to change their unpacking method.
  6. Request UE4 Outfit swap?

    - Is there currently a way to swap outfits and/or hairstyles? A: YES - If yes, which programs does it require? A : Unpacking pak files using quickbms and unrealpak, modifying information using HEX editor - If no, do you know of anyone working on it already? A ...
  7. Tool UE4 BNS UE4 ModTool

    Problems arising from using the program are at your own risk. Features of this program 1. "Unpacking, repacking pak files" 2. "Mesh Swap" 3. "Dat Editing" 4. "Slider" 5. "Texture Editing" Instructions for use are in the "manual" folder within the compressed file. [Download Link] Many...
  8. NSFW Model UE4 GonF DarkAngel to pierced nudebody

    Well, I've already made it all up.
  9. Other Enhanced Sliders mod for Unreal Engine 4?

    I have already completed the program The reason I don't officially disclose it is that when the information on the KR server is released, all the methods are blocked the following week. So I distributed it free of charge to those who contacted me. My program does the same thing you wrote. This...
  10. NSFW Model UE4 GonF DarkAngel to pierced nudebody

    Have a good day [Download Link]
  11. Texture Model JinF_zulia_uncensor[UE4] (update)

    I sewed all the torn parts of the modeling.
  12. Texture Model JinF_zulia_uncensor[UE4] (update)

    I now know how to fix this and have fixed it. However, using this trick I couldn't get the skin color of the character. I'll re-upload once this issue is resolved.
  13. Texture Model JinF 60054 to 10003 uncensored(UE4)

    right. For clothes that use the same mesh, all textures need to be modified. However, doing so will increase the size of the mod file.
  14. Other Enhanced Sliders mod for Unreal Engine 4?

    no. It only works on the client side. No one else can see your big breasts.
  15. Texture Model JinF_zulia_uncensor[UE4] (update)

    Moving modeling from UE3 to UE4 is not an easy task. There is no original modeling file. We only have a pre-processed file called UPK, and i have to unpack this file to extract only the modeling, and then change the mesh again to create a new one for UE4. As a result, the modeling location must...
  16. Texture Model JinF 60054 to 10003 uncensored(UE4)

    It is possible, but this is not a place that accepts requests, right?
  17. Texture Model JinF_zulia_uncensor[UE4] (update)

    How to use: create a mod folder like this "BNSR\Content\Paks\Mods" and extract the pak's there. You will need 2 items in total. Parts that do not apply physics have been deleted. ***************************************** Character's unique skin color cannot be applied. So, I made 4 types...
  18. Texture Model JinF 60054 to 10003 uncensored(UE4)

    [Download Link] How to use: create a mod folder like this "BNSR\Content\Paks\Mods" and extract the pak's there. *Caution: There is an error about the location of the weapon.
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