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  1. Inevertias

    Best Shaped GonF Outfit?

    I have an outfit question. Which outfit on Gon females have the best breast shape(the least torpedo tits) when using very big xml sliders? I am wondering what everyone thinks, i want to try and mod it.
  2. Inevertias

    Request Texture Preview Poses For GonF

    Can someone help me find the UPK for the preview poses in character creation screen? I have the korean version of the game installed, and i would like to replace the NA/EU GonF preview poses with the original korean version but I don't know the UPK number. Thanks
  3. Inevertias

    Other Animation Swapping

    Hello, so far as i understand it (only partially of course), animation swapping can be done through hex editing names of animsets. With regards to idle animations, i have tested swapping idles between various races. And it seems that idle swapping only works if there exists a common race+class...
  4. Inevertias

    Texture NSFW JinF custom Summer nights and Summer waves

    Hi, this is my first mod, topless Summer nights and Summer wave microkini for JinF. The summer wave one i was inspired by an older mod a couple of years ago i think? It was a near topless bikini with two stars covering the nipples using the star bikini as a base model. This one uses the summer...
  5. Inevertias

    Request Texture GonF Summer Beach Fix

    So when I went tried changing an outfit to the sumer beach outfit with the one click tool, my game would always crash as soon as I finished typing in my pin, but I noticed something odd. Every other outfit that works and doesn't crash seems to have the color code "col1". However, with the summer...
  6. Inevertias

    Request Texture Amity Wings

    Hello, can someone please tell me the upk number of Amity Wings? For Gon Female They look like this
  7. Inevertias

    About f2 profile pictures and costume mods

    Hello, I want to ask is it a good idea to have f2 profile pictures for my character containing modded costumes? So if I take a screenshot of my character wearing modded seductress/enchantress costume for example, would it then be safe to upload as f2 profile picture? I'm pretty sure I've seen...
  8. Inevertias

    Request Texture Remove hat from Bullet Time/Hot Shot

    Is this possible? Anyone willing to do it? Would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Inevertias

    Request Addon Jin Female Idle to Gon Female Idle

    Hi, can someone change Jin female idle to Gon female idle, or is it too complicated because of too many Jin classes?
  10. Inevertias

    Request Texture Possible To Get a List of All Costumes?

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to get an entire list of all the outfits in the game with their respective ID codes? Does anyone have a list? Or if it is possible, how would one go about retrieving this list?
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