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  1. Request Texture more texture (costume) mod?

    I have read all the material in bnsbuddy, I want more costume mods. Can't get more costume mods? ex) facebook, tumblr blog I do not know any sites. :( I need help.
  2. Updating One Click Tool database

    May I find the result(full files) of this update? I've been using version 2.0.7 so far and I've been looking for a new version for three years. And I find this threads, but I am very sad because I tried various things, but all failed. I would like to have a complete copy. (only need to set the...
  3. Request Texture I want to find the upk numbers data.

    I want to find the upk numbers (Until recently). ex). yun basic costume = 00013302, 00013303, 00013304 I have bladesoultool 2.0.7 (upk changer), This is only until 2016. :(
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