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  1. Addon Archer Windpiercer Stormbolt instant cast

    I find solution: edit the patch with notepad and replace this line: FileName = xml[bit].dat.files\\skill3_contextscriptdata_archer.xml with this one: FileName = xml[bit].dat.files\\skill3_contextscriptdata_archer_contextsimplemode.xml and you are ready to go in simple mode too
  2. Request Addon Fulfilled Zen Archer Windpiercer

    Can you put also the storm Bolt (4) to the rotation with the other skills on rmb too please? Storm Bolt > Awakened Rapid Shot > Rapid shot > Flip Shot > Dead Eye > Longshot > WindBolt(1) > WindBolt(2Removed) > WindBolt(3Removed) for normal and simple mode
  3. Addon Archer Windpiercer Stormbolt instant cast

    Finally i find the problem, it works only for normal mode, please can you make it to work for simple mode too?

    Sometimes auto fishing with auto-bait (10 Silver bait) stops for unknown reason, can I use this script with auto-bait just to be sure the auto fishing won't stop? is there any risk if i do that?
  5. Request Addon Wind Archer LongShot

    Thank you so much for this information
  6. Addon Forcemaster FM normal / simp mode changes

    Hello, i'm a new Ice FM using the Superior Simplified Ice macro (the 3rd one you have attached), everything works splendid its way better than the retail version of FM, however i have a question Is it technically possible to change Divine Veil to another slot - to G - (put G to F and vice...
  7. Request Addon Remove Footstep Sound (I am willing to pay)

    I have my favorite outfit "Thunder God" from the Naryu Labyrinth but when i walking it sounded the extremely annoying metallic sound from the bracelets and belt of outfit, can you please make and mod for bnsbuddy to disable the footstep of that outfit? or mod the 00017632.upk file with that...
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