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  1. Amber A Williams

    Discord for Korean server

    Hello, everyone, I've decided to make a discord for the Korean server, there are only 2 requirements 1- you must follow the rules 2- you must speak English I've also made a clan for yall to join as well, I'm looking for moderators and helpers for the discord and clan. I'm pretty new to all...
  2. Amber A Williams

    BNS slider not working

    so for some reason when reloading for it to change my one character won't change. it works fine on my other characters but yet it doesn't on my one character I can only change the upper body but not the lower I made another lyn to see if it had the same problem but when I did lower body it...
  3. Amber A Williams

    Request Texture Looking for upk

    I'm looking for white cat ears upk for lyn i need core, the col, skeleton, and material please could someone find it
  4. Amber A Williams

    Help with bns slider tool

    keep getting this no matter what i do i always get this See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): Access is denied at...
  5. Amber A Williams

    English patch not working

    was able to get it to work but it looks like this and every time i click something i glitch out im trying to delete the patch but i dont know how im reinstalling but im not sure if that works and this folder came out of no where i think its the patch but everytime i delete it come right back
  6. Amber A Williams

    KR bns players

    hello ive been learning some Korean and i wanted to help out others if your interested in typing Korean i suggest using this image https://randomwire.com/wp-content/uploads/korean-keyboard.jpeg and google translate it hard but you will get the hang of it. I try to type a sentence at least 100...
  7. Amber A Williams

    Request Texture Change Fox ears

    Could someone help me i wanna just change the color of the nine tails ears i want them to be pink i want them to be this kinda pink the hair color not ears color
  8. Amber A Williams

    Request Texture Wanna replace old ears and tail willing to pay gold

    I made this post so (Dad) could make this mod for me but there are other people out there to make this mod so yea. I want someone to mod the blue wolf ears into the white nine tails but i want u to make the ears small, i don't like them so big just make them a little smaller if possible i am...
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