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  1. Holol

    Solved Lag while open inventory/go with mouse over items

    It's always been like this, no point worrying about it. Can't be fixed.
  2. Holol


    This is what I'll do when archer comes.
  3. Holol

    Font Custom Red Damage Numbers

    Nibbas be yoinking my fonts TriHard
  4. Holol

    Addon Request Wind BD Addon

    wind c c would be epic gaming addon pls do!
  5. Holol

    Addon Kungfu Master [KFM NORMAL / SIMP MODE CHANGES]

    Can you make addon for simple that does rmb lmb f only?
  6. Holol

    Other d912pxy from GW2, now supports BnS!

    Definitely looking forward for full release for bns! First time ever it's actually using my gpu and fps is much better. Only down side is some scuffed effects and texture loading times.
  7. Holol

    Texture NSFW Costume Mods

    some pop-art and dragon knight mods for lyn? :bnsglare:
  8. Holol

    Other Warden LIGHT GREAT FIX!!! WITH FPS

    (video of what this file removal does, pictures are not prob enough for people to understand)
  9. Holol

    Other Warden LIGHT GREAT FIX!!! WITH FPS

    Pretty good find! any idea what upk contains BD's effects?
  10. Holol

    Custom Damage Fonts by Holol

    Yea you can make it only same size or smaller, using the original file as a guide, for the quality this is the setting in paint.net i use:
  11. Holol

    [BM] Fire Blade Master - Simple Mode Fix

    gona try later
  12. Holol

    How to Use all core cpu for game?

    bns doesnt use more than 1-2 cores anyways, its a placebo.
  13. Holol

    Custom Damage Fonts by Holol

    It's quite easy, just use upk manager to export 00010081.upk, edit the .dds file how you like and save it in paint.net.
  14. Holol

    Custom Damage Fonts by Holol

    Posted videos ;)
  15. Holol

    Custom Damage Fonts by Holol

    Some damage fonts that I've made, enjoy! https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/2ffeff0124cd2f235d8c6058c66993538add9cc4d6410d89e4be14bbb8a6a59f/detection https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/b0c06ceda1a6b025348bf297dfff0723e6971b7177e13cf2b1b6b9e64f2f0eed/detection...
  16. Holol

    LF someone that can do a texture mod

    try this one virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/501017cd8e268f07d5dd548df3a41255d0c6af58156b499cf47fa4040cdb0e65/detection
  17. Holol

    Dat file changelog for 2018-12-05

    Fishing Pog!
  18. Holol

    Request Texture Kfm vt badge

    Just put personal sfx on 1? its barely showing after
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