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  1. Addon Kungfu Master [KFM NORMAL / SIMP MODE CHANGES]

    Hello Exora. Would it be possible to place or duplicate Searing Dragon on RMB? Preferably simple mode but no necessary. Thank you as always.
  2. Addon Kungfu Master [KFM NORMAL / SIMP MODE CHANGES]

    No! Thank YOU! You're the real MVP here!
  3. Addon Kungfu Master [KFM NORMAL / SIMP MODE CHANGES]

    Hey there Exora. Guiding Fist is appearing randomly (?) on 2 for Fire KFM. I think it happens when Volcano buff gets refreshed for last few seconds from the badge. EDIT: Added some video Slow-mo x1 EDIT 2: I now noticed that it happens when there's not enough focus (3) that's needed to use...
  4. Addon Kungfu Master [KFM NORMAL / SIMP MODE CHANGES]

    Oh! Makes sense :bnsthumbsup:
  5. Addon Kungfu Master [KFM NORMAL / SIMP MODE CHANGES]

    Appreciate the Twisted Metal addon. I'm most likely not gonna use it but I will test it just to see if there are errors and post it here! Looking forward for the Titan Surge combo! EDIT: So I noticed that you combined the 6th hit of the combo together with the finisher (Twisted Metal) being...
  6. Texture [MOD] Invisible Gauntlets

    I did actually do that before posting, and did not find it. Maybe I am using the wrong keywords, but I tried "silver deva gauntlet" and "invisible gauntlet", and still could not find it. Nevermind, someone gave it to me.
  7. Request Texture Jin Wolf to Yun Wolf

    Hi. Would someone be kind as to switch the wolf texture of Yun to Jin? I wanna be a white wolf but I don't like how Yun's body look. Thank you.
  8. Addon Kungfu Master [KFM NORMAL / SIMP MODE CHANGES]

    Ok, cool! Thank you again.
  9. Addon Kungfu Master [KFM NORMAL / SIMP MODE CHANGES]

    Thank you Exora! (I tagged you on Discord but I'll reply here too anyways) Oh and btw, does the Warcry from LMB to F works with 3rd spec? I have it but I was wondering if it will cause any conflicts.
  10. Addon Kungfu Master [KFM NORMAL / SIMP MODE CHANGES]

    Hi! First of all thanks for all these addons. So I was trying out combos, and the 4-hit CXZ->V (LMB) is bugged. LMB won't appear.
  11. Texture [MOD] Invisible Gauntlets

    Do you have a link for the Silver Deva by any chance?
  12. Simple Mode **EVERYWHERE**

  13. Requests

    Alright, thanks
  14. Requests

    Oh alright, I should turn it off then. Maybe I can somehow help. Do you use UPK manager to find it? If so, mind giving me the UPK number?
  15. Requests

    Oh, really? I'm still using it fine, I mean for gunners at least it's working with no issues, not 100% sure about the warlock part. Anyways, that would be awesome.
  16. Requests

    Oh okay. So on a different topic, I'm not sure if this counts as a texture mod because obviously I'm asking you since I have no experience, but, I'd like to remove VT badge effect from Tremor on KFM. I think you are the one who removed gunner and warlock's badge effects. And if you won't do it...
  17. Requests

    Hmm. How about changing KFM Dragon Fist's skill priority? I'd like Searing Palm over Searing Dragon because more often than not, after I use Comet Strike, instead and try to follow up with Searing Palm, I end up using Searing Dragon thus messing up my opener.
  18. Request Texture Remove KFM tremor badge effect

    I tried using the upk manager but after hours of digging and trying, I am unsuccessful. If someone can please do this, as it causes heavy fps dips at the start of a fight.
  19. Addon BD normal mode BASIC / DRAW STANCE Changes [UPDATED]

    You are the true hongmoon hero we don't deserve. peepohands
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