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  1. Texture NSFW NSFW - Blossom Ahri For GonF & JinF (Fixed)

    ok looks like i made it work , now it shows all the textures , the missing legs are part of the jiangshi headpiece copy and paste.
  2. Texture NSFW NSFW - Blossom Ahri For GonF & JinF (Fixed)

    tryed to fix the upks with hexeditor , the legs are invisible , that is beyond my skills.
  3. Texture NSFW NSFW - Blossom Ahri For GonF & JinF (Fixed)

    i have problem for jin , hope he update this thread with a fix.
  4. Texture NSFW NSFW - Blossom Ahri For GonF & JinF (Fixed)

    for some reason the deva outfit gives me a texture problem , please update that outfit .... thanks.
  5. Frontier Server KR UE 4 Client - DOWNLOAD HERE

    i can download all those files but... how the hell i can play anyway?!
  6. Solved Perfomance question

    try getting upks that disables efects in game like the hud one , use quick cpu to unlock the cpu parking , use leatrix latency fix for tcp no delay , use dx12 xpy for better fps all the time.
  7. Request Dance Dance Swap file request

    I would like to request a upk file to swap jin and yun dance animations , i tryed downloading from older posts but links seems to be down , so if anyone still have it i would apreciate the file. Thanks.
  8. No ping from na server? need help.

    Everything is fine exept i cant get ping in bns buddy from na server
  9. How to remove UI animations/effects?

    This is going to be added to my optimization guide thanks , helps a lot.
  10. Other 剑灵dx9升级vulkan

    didnt work for me , the game stays loading in the first screen , if somebdy can tell me how works i would try again.

    i got the same problem until i executed the file as admin , solved the problem.
  12. Other [TOOL][JAVA] Character Effect Remover v1.0.8 [Update:04/10/2020]

    wow man im impressed , this program works 100% fine , nice work dude!
  13. How to remove the clothes of the soul burn and soul flare?

    there are some upks wich replaces wthe sb skins , but theres no way to eliminate that in the code i think , they always force a skin change wich makes a litle slutter in game.
  14. Solved Need help.

    I have i7 2600 , rx 570 4gb and ssd / 2x8 gb ram dual channel , fixed the issue , going to documents/bns/ncwest/clientconfig.xml y found that there are 3 modes , windowed , full windowed and fullscreen , just set fullscreen in 1 , and worked , i think something was wrong there , but thanks...
  15. Solved Need help.

    hi , i would like to ask help for an issue , usually when i log the game in the character selection screen i have like 50+ fps with shadows on in level 5 , now im having 38 for no reason , i tryed disabling the mod , disabling bns buddy , enabling , didnt fix anything , do you guys have the same...
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