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  1. Request Texture Jin Wolf to Yun Wolf

    Hi. Would someone be kind as to switch the wolf texture of Yun to Jin? I wanna be a white wolf but I don't like how Yun's body look. Thank you.
  2. Request Texture Remove KFM tremor badge effect

    I tried using the upk manager but after hours of digging and trying, I am unsuccessful. If someone can please do this, as it causes heavy fps dips at the start of a fight.
  3. Request Texture Blade Ward color

    Is it possible to re-color Blade Ward skill from Warden? It's white and I somehow have a trouble seeing it if it's still up aside from looking at buff bar.
  4. Request Texture A gauntlet skin mod

    Hello. Someone in Reddit posted this. I was wondering if someone can mod Cat Illusion Gauntlets into these? Apparently they're from Chinese server? .
  5. Request Texture Remove/change Dark Emissary Wings

    Currently, this adornment causes fps issues. I would love it if someone can mod this into something else, a very common adornment like Deva Aura or something. Thank you. :)
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