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  1. Endless

    Open Animation

    avoid moving/deleting the backup folder or this will happen again ;)
  2. Endless

    Solved help me with the problem of wanting to use the .xml file with

    bnspatch xml files and bnsbuddy's patch files are 2 different things. You can use the converter on bnsmodpolice discord server for tutorials on how to make a xml file and how to use the converter.
  3. Endless

    Other Classic Title Screen Fixed

  4. Endless

    is power leveling legit in blade and soul

    It's actually easy to get leg gear. The campaign gives you lots of gear to level-up. Compared to 2015-6. Now it's pretty easier to gear up than what it was before. Most people buy their gear trough paypal and such. To get materials/gold. But most endup being scammed. If your friends have...
  5. Endless

    Tool Xml Slider editor

    the dat editor is not broken. It just doesn't support the hash check as of now, and there's no eta until it will.
  6. Endless

    Tool Xml Slider editor

    no bans, and if the anti-cheat catches, it just shuts the game down. (as seen on RU and CH not sure if others)
  7. Endless

    Unsolveable BNSBuddy Addons Issue

    you didnt read the message properly xD
  8. Endless

    Solved I can't install BNS Buddy

    Please let us know if the issue is solved.
  9. Endless

    Solved Addon doesn't work with new BNS Buddy Version

    Don't use addons on buddy. As messages above states.
  10. Endless

    Open invaled game client file. Please update the game client or reinstall. (1003) help please

    Read the message on ad page of buddy. Follow instructions AND do a file scan to fix the issue. Then the error won't appear any more
  11. Endless

    kor bns buddy When will it normalize?

    When can bnsbuddy use add-ons? [/Automerge] No one will be able to use addons with bns buddy/xml editing tool until we find a way to bypass the the RSA signature check the client does on EVERY dat files. The only way to use addons is with bnspatch only.
  12. Endless

    kor bns buddy When will it normalize?

    Where can I download bnspatch? from github of bnspatch OR their discord server
  13. Endless

    kor bns buddy When will it normalize?

    Don't use addons. Open nclauncher and file scan. Then try again.To use addons you need to use bnspatch.
  14. Endless

    kor bns buddy When will it normalize?

    Do you have an error when starting bns buddy?
  15. Endless

    Unsolveable Error when use skiplobbymaps_2020.06.14.zip for 32bit

    as the above user said, you need to download from the orignal makers from mod police discord. We aren't the ones that made it.
  16. Endless

    Open Request to use BNSPATCH and close the winmm.dll of nprotect gameguard

    we have the bypass already, but not a working heartbeat.
  17. Endless

    Open It doesn't work.

    It won't work if you used bnsbuddy'd addons/xml changes. You now need to filescan via nclauncher to restore files to default THEN use bnspatch to apply the addons you need. DO NOT use bnsbuddy for addons or any xml edits as stated on the welcome message when starting buddy.
  18. Endless

    How do I activate the animation toggle? I can't do anything

    Filenscan is done via nclauncher(depending on the region you play on) to restore damaged/tampered/missing files.
  19. Endless

    Solved Can you upload the latest version of bnsbuddy separately?

    BnsPatch can apply bns buddy addons for you. You only have to follow the instructions provided by them :)
  20. Endless

    Solved Can you upload the latest version of bnsbuddy separately?

    and/or whitelist bnsbuddy in anti-virus.
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