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  1. Texture NSFW Costume Mods

    you could look but nothing new since sweet emotion.
  2. Texture NSFW Costume Mods

    great additions, glad to see you're still modding and (hopefully) not running into any probelms.
  3. Request Texture GonF Nomad touch up.

    i was wondering if it would be possible to touch up the nomad outfit for GonF. theres some pretty extreme, what can only be be described as color bleeding, and blurry spots that subtract from its other wise great appeal. willing to pay.
  4. Hot Springs Costume

    not sure if you're a modder dad but uh, i got a gonF and i got the towel if you want to show me what you mean.
  5. GonF idle stances swap with JinF - by Soupy

    this wasnt the first swap i used, i didnt know if it was a complication from replacing a modded file with a modded file. i only mentioned it cause it was specifically warlocks in a combat stance. im sorry if it seems like i came here to attack a mod creator, i just wanted ot make sure i didnt...
  6. GonF idle stances swap with JinF - by Soupy

    idk if this is on me for excessive use of mods but JinF warlocks idle was switched to destroyer combat stance.
  7. Request Texture WL/SF skill recoloring.

    im assuming they're not the same upk's for jsut straight up deleting thier skill effects then.
  8. Request Texture WL/SF skill recoloring.

    i was wondering if its possible to change the colors of class skills specifically WL and SF. this is more of a general inquiry and less of a request. if someone is willing to take this on pink is the end result in question.
  9. Texture NSFW Beach Day, Red Secret and Strictly Business

    ngl i totally thought this was a gon mod, i feel retarded now.
  10. Texture NSFW Costume Mods

    In NA its named rough customer or something like that.
  11. Texture NSFW Costume Mods

    would it be possible to get the soulburn and ravenfall changes for JinF also made for GonF.
  12. Texture NSFW Costume Mods

    would it be possible to get the soul burn mod for all races?
  13. Texture NSFW Costume Mods

    is it possible to get the JinF dark sandstorm with the back tattoos still visable, and maybe a bit clearer nipple texture?
  14. Deleted

    Would this work for changing outfits across races or would it jack up the look?
  15. Wild Stalion Gon(F) for Jin(F)

    reaching out to see if i can get one of my favorite gon costumes modded for my jin. any help is appreciated. edit: difficulty providing referances. holy hell have i fucked this up. references still aren't working, sorry for inconvenience.
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