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BnS Buddy

BnS Buddy, the tool that makes your game experience a better one. Improve FPS. Custom Mods. And much more!

+ Added: Buy Ncoin Merch link
+ Added: Sliding Menu & Slider Effect Toggle(settings page 2)
+ Added: Run as admin by default
+ Removed: Tabs
+ Fixed Bug: Flickering issue when loading buddy
+ Fixed Bug: Bad tooltip shown for "kill game"
+ Added: Toggles for class animations in extra tab
+ Added: Update Dialog for manual updates with changelog
+ Fixed Bug: Prevent preview(button) if splash is invalid
+ Added: Skip/Remove ads with your secret key that you have found
+ Added: Custom splashes now included in BnS Buddy (Artwork by Yevvie)
+ Added: Image dimensions now shown on splash changer after selection
+ Added: A Small check for TLS 1.2 while fetching version
+ Reworked: The icons
+ Reworked: Reposition of the admin check
+ Reworked: Moved splashes to local like addons
+ Reworked: Changed TW's ip for an 100% accurate ping
+ Fixed Bug: Added an additionnal null check for previous sessions
+ Fixed Bug: Opening an invalid bmp file would error out Splash Editor with out of memory error
+ Fixed Bug: Kill Game button would start new session if cancelled multiclient login popup
+ Fixed Bug: The infinite-click decompile/compile/... is now properly fixed
+ Fixed Bug: Subfolders in addons path would cause a file not found error
+ Fixed Bug: BnS Budy would kill all Clients if failed to login(timeout)
+ Fixed Bug: MXM Conflict check wouldn't discard after appearing once
+ Fixed Bug: Using DAT Editor functions with some KR users would spit errors of path not being good

+ Added: A Small check for TLS 1.2 while fetching version and grab update
+ Reworked: The icons
+ Reworked: Reposition of the admin check
+ Fixed Bug: New error msg wasn't displayed properly
+ Fixed Bug: Added a small delay between finalising update and opening buddy
2 Updates in one day, 'cuz why not. I love ya'll <3
+ Added: New Icons (Artwork by Yevvie)
+ Reworked: Rewritten a few things related to color
+ Fixed Bug: Error trying to delete a folder non-recursively
+ Fixed Bug: Pressing X on login form to forget user no longer worked
+ Fixed Bug: Time out response from login
+ Fixed Bug: Quickly double clicking the decompile on dat editor tab would freeze Buddy
Update for the updater :bnsfoam:

-> Stability Improvement

+ Added: New message when errors occur on updater startup
+ Added: Styling to the minimize and close button
+ Added: Colors of updater now syncs with Settings.ini
+ Added: New Icons (Artwork by Yevvie)
+ Reworked: The entire download method
+ Fixed Bug: When progress bar would not do marquee style and locks
+ Fixed Bug: Download Progress tracker
+ Fixed Bug: Downloads at a fixed size to prevent lockups
Hi Everyone!
Here comes a quick update with small changes <3

+ Added: Ads *Jumps into the world of sponsoring* $__$
+ Added: Automatically extract MetroFramework.dll when missing
+ Reworked: Splash changer now properly checking if splash is modded or not AND changed to where BnS Buddy is located
+ Fixed Bug: Pressing Refreh in splash changer and switch tab back and forth will error out the viewer
Tool ExitLag

What is ExitLag?

ExitLag is similar to WTFast/BattlePing/PingZapper/NoPing etc etc. They use server routing or proxy servers to try to improve your ping to the game servers.

How do I know it works?

Well I've already tested it and below are my findings.

Neat! How do I get it?

Click here!


For Exitlag support, join their Discord: https://discord.gg/5VVkbrP
A quick update for previous release.
Because of instability of some new features and a few bug fixes related to them as well. Without mentioning a few tweaks.
+ Added: Popup for missing MetroFramework.dll file
+ Added: Auto-resize for email in login form
+ Added: Single-Instance only check
+ Added: Disabled auto-login by default if MultiClient is turned on
+ Added: 5 Seconds delay between clicks for refresh of user count to prevent spam and hang
+ Reworked: Changed the forget button to an X
+ Reworked: Fetching on AppStart would hang form for a couple of seconds
+ Fixed Bug: Changing remember me on login form would not sync with settings tab
+ Fixed Bug: Changed ip for TW server due to inaccurate ping
+ Fixed Bug: Fetching while having a slow connection to end-point for user online count would freeze the form
+ Fixed Bug: Unsecurely Fetched the user online count
+ Fixed Bug: Having Selected Japanese server would switch back to NA/EU if it was installed
+ Fixed Bug: Tooltip for Custom Client Name would be wrong
+ Fixed Bug: When BnS Buddy would be offline, it would try to fetch the count and have an overlapping html code
+ Fixed Bug: Wanting to login would wipe constantly the registry of the credentials [needs testing]
+ Fixed Bug: After wiping credential would cause crash
New update of BnS Buddy has been pushed!~
Download at the top of the forum ;)
Here's the changelog:

+ Added: Timer to say if connection is being slow during login
+ Added: Custom exe name for Client
+ Added: User count online
+ Added: Color dropdown for BnS Buddy's design
+ Added: Portuguese support
+ Added: Sorting to Addons
+ Added: Sorting to Splashes
+ Added: Remember last used server
+ Added: Preview Button in Splash Changer
+ Added: Context Menu to BnS Buddy Notification Icon When Minimized
+ Reworked: Ping method for na/eu
+ Reworked: Mod manager now moves mods to subfolders for better organisation
+ Reworked: Multiple Game Installation Resetting
+ Reworked: Changing Server would load different installed paths
+ Reworked: Changed addons location
+ Reworked: Repositioned the Bitness selection for the game Client & Changed the Default Path configuration
+ Reworked: Bitness selection for addons is automatically selected along with the bitness selected of the current client
+ Fixed Bug: Matching prefix for emails before @ would create duplicate entries of the same name
+ Fixed Bug: Sometimes pressing tooltip on xml edit tab would not work
+ Fixed Bug: Did not allow login after maintenance is over on same session
+ Fixed Bug: Would not load korean paths
+ Fixed Bug: Custom mod path would not have backup path following
+ Fixed Bug: Creating random /mod folders on root drive
+ Fixed Bug: Restore button in settings didn't do anything
+ Fixed Bug: Maximize/Minimize button went batshit crazy and didn't follow his orders when resizing form
+ Fixed Bug: Remember Me did not toggle unless you signed in on login form
+ Fixed Bug: Emails starting with the same name will be overwritten on registry
+ Fixed Bug: Cleaning Mess when exiting, starting game and opening BnS Buddy would not clean
+ Fixed Bug: Removed the excessive flickering when BnS Buddy Refreshed the Mod Manager list
+ Fixed Bug:...